Building History

The history of this sacred building first starts with the St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in 1871. Many names appear on the membership lists of both the Herndon Masonic Lodge and St. Timothy’s Episcopal. To name a few we notice the names of William Dawson, Dr. William Robey, Stanley Hanes, Ara Daniels, W. Frank Humme, Fred W. Robinson, Homer Stutsman, Tom Kite, Ed Reed, Dr. Dan Detweiler, Dr. Ernest Shull, Richard Peck, Joseph Murray, Frederic Hubert, Wayne Gochenour, Henry Mann, and there are no doubt many others.

In 1876, St, Timothy’s Episcopal Church purchased the 1/2 acre lot on the corner of Grace and Elden Streets for $60.00. In the next few years the church building was constructed and on Saturday, April 9, 1881, Bishop Francis M. Whittle, assisted by the Reverend Frank Page, consecrated St. Timothy’s Church. St. Timothy’s occupied this building for 87 years and 10 months and on February 2, 1969. Rev. Jon Henry led the congregation in the celebration of Holy Communion for the last time in this building. The building was ceremoniously deconsecrated by Bishop Samuel B. Chilton on February 23, 1969.

Bro. Joseph Murray, and active member of St. Timothy’s was at that time the Treasurer of Herndon Lodge and also Chief of Police in Herndon, Virginia. He and Rt. Wor. Al Shaffer played an important part in acquiring this building for Herndon Lodge. By deed dated March 24, 1969, the trustees of the Herndon Masonic Lodge No. 264, F.W. Robinson, Harry M. Middleton, Sr., and E. Russell Gillette, purchased the property from the trustees of St. Timothy’s and after some renovations Herndon Lodge met in the building for the first time on August 4, 1969.

The History of the Building by Mrs. Ann Crocker contains many interesting details concerning the materials and construction of this historic building. The main sills are white oak with sleepers (floor joists) 6 inch oak logs flattened on one side and not more than 13 feet between bearings and two feet between centers. All the rest of the frame work throughout the building to be Virginia pine sawed to the sizes indicated by plans. The main floor was laid with good quality Virginia pine matched flooring 1 1/4 inch thick free from knots. The history continues with great detail as to the interior and exterior trim work, roofing, plastering, painting, and glazing. All the sash were originally glazed with No. 1 American Glass. In 1954, they were replaced with opaque glass set in diamond patterns with the ecclesiastical symbols executed in stained glass set into the top arches. These were purchased by various people in memory of loved ones. The large stained glass window, approximately 14 feet high by 5 feet wide, was installed behind the altar about 1900 in memory of Dr. John T. Day who died July 20, 1893 and was buried in Herndon Cemetery with Episcopal and Masonic service. This window was suffering from exposure to the vicissitudes and inclemencies of the weather and, by direction of Wor. William Alexander, in the late 1980’s it was moved from the outer wall, necessary repairs were made, and placed in the position where it is now located behind the chair of the Worshipful Master.

The bell tower was constructed in late 1893 or early 1894 to hold the McShane bell which can now be seen at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church on Van Buren Street.


The ladies of The Fellowship Club of St. Timothy’s raised most of the money to have the social hall built on the back of the main church. It was completed in mid October 1948.  The brethren of Herndon Lodge are grateful for having the privilege of occupying this historic edifice for over 50 years. We owe a special thank you to Mrs. Anne Crocker for her diligence in assembling the information contained in the history of this building.   A copy of her History of the Building is available at the Herndon Library.

Historical significance of the building was officially recognized in 1999 as an historic structure in conjunction with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Herndon Masonic Lodge. The Historic Building Plaque No. 21 was placed on the building on June 7, 1999.

This building has for many years been made a part of the annual Town of Herndon Tour of historic buildings. The members of the Herndon Lodge are proud to make this building available for these annual historic tours.